Crispy Veg and Fruit

Crispy Veg and Fruit, Co., Ltd.

CEO Mrs. Naraporn M. Varithleft

CTO Dr. Jatuphong Varithright


Crispy Veg & Fruit Co., Ltd. (CVF) was founded with the vision to be “An innovative food processing company using local commodities for the global market” by using an appropriate technology to process our healthy-green foods for customers with fair trade to all stakeholders in the supply chain. Our unique patented vacuum drying technology is developed locally in Thailand so that the company can maintain a cost-effective production. This drying technique makes CVF’s processed tropical fruit and vegetable products stand out from the crowd in terms of color, aroma and nutrition without the need for preservatives. We process the fruits and vegetables in a natural way so that it has “real taste as fresh”.

The company goal is to introduce the Premium THAI fruit snacks and drinks without preservatives with our innovative drying method to Health Conscious customers combined with Modern Lifestyles. Currently, we offer Crispy Longan (best selling), Crispy Banana and Crispy Pineapple as the healthy fruit snacks. Meanwhile Crispy Mango and others will be launched next year as the premium product to the market. With a growing global trend for healthy food, our products are targeted in the healthy and lifestyle snack segment, starting from Thailand, ASEAN, Middle East and final destinations of developed countries such as USA, EU and Japan.

CVF values the business operation with the policy on developing human resource to the excellence with multi-task learning for the future sustainability and growth of the business. We frame the business models as B2B and B2C with marketing strategy on building the trusted brand “Crispi_i” in the market. Striving from University ground breaking research, CVF started the initial investment in 2011 of US$16,660 and acquired the capital up to US$600,000 in 2014 to be ready for global market. Since our vision and innovative products are ready for the GLOBAL market, we are now ready to expand our production to match with the emerging trend of GLOBAL HEALTHY FRUIT SNACK in the next few years.

Crispy Longan
Crispy Veg & Fruit offers a crispy texture of longan pulp. The “puffy” longan is perfect for an alternative snack with a delicious, naturally sweet taste, free from artificial flavors and preservatives. Crispy Longan makes a great additive to yogurt, nuts, salads or cereals. A single-serving bag (22 g) of Crispy Longan contains as much vitamin C as that in four oranges. Found as a good source of antioxidants, it also has a high fiber content.

Crispy Banana
Our crispy banana is 100% natural with no oil and preservative. We select THAI ripen banana and dry it in the unique way. The slight sweet taste from the thin slice of banana makes it to be the “Perfect On the Go” snack unlike other products available in the market.
Know the goodness of Bananas and why its known to be a “SuperFood”. Banana fuels us, great for our digestion and helps regulate our mood swings due to the presence of Tryptophan that assists in relaxing our mind and keeping away depression. Banana is also rich in potassium which is much needed to promote circulation.

Crispy Pineapple
Knowing the benefits of consuming Pineapple! like all fruits it contains lots of vitamins and minerals. However, it also contains ONE unique enzyme that is seldom found in other fruits which is Bromelaine which is useful in aiding digestion and anti-inflammatory in nature good for our Guts!! a good reason to have pineapple today!